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Joy Roy
Jul 31, 2022
In Business Forum
In addition, with various bed styles, various peripheral products will be included, including Beautyrest pillows and independent pillows imported from Italy, and four-piece sets of high-standard golden Egyptian cotton bedding. Beautyrest_PrimaGrand_Chief_TS size (152cmx190c Photo Credit : Simmons Dream Enjoyment Series New Launch Anniversary Celebration From $39,999 Buy a bed and get imported Simmons light luxury bedding set of four Simmons selects the best-selling products in the world for Taiwanese consumers. The dream series is newly launched. It adopts the core technology of "Beautyrest Independent Tube Pocket Spring". Completely obedient; the ultimate technology preloads the spring by 25%~40%, and the structure is tight and durable, providing perfect support for the body. Agatha's original price is $58,000, and the anniversary dream is $39,999; the Exquisite "wonderful" spine protection designed for whatsapp list Asian spine structure doubles, and the "VIABLOCK" Fiber anti-viral and deodorizing fiber made with unique Japanese technology, anti-virus and The deodorizing function, coupled with the e-ION CRYSTAL negative ion technology, continuously releases negative ions during sleep, creating a fresh and comfortable sleeping environment, allowing the body and mind to completely relax. The original price is $85,000, and the dream price is $54,999. Prima Grand "Chief" is equipped with natural latex sponge with excellent tension and elasticity, soft covering, maintaining a refreshing and comfortable sleep experience, leading you into an intoxicating romantic sensory journey with the attitude of the chief, original price $89,000, dream price $57,999 . Prestige "Fame" is a work presented by Japanese craftsmen.
Hoplin said YouTube has taken it down in the past to remove 133,300 videos  content media
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Joy Roy

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